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Revamped candles!

This is the first of my set of glass bead candles that I absolutely adore! The glow is so nice as it burns down. After it burns down, wax can be poured in for endless uses, a votive or other narrow candle can be placed in. It can also be cleaned and used as a vase. It is also very pretty sitting in all its splendor on a sunlit window sill.

**Candle stands at 8 “ tall & 2” wide. Scentless. Not dishwasher safe. Warm to the touch when lit.

Most importantly…never leave candle burning unattended. 💚

Green Candle -glass (8” Tall x 2” Width)

  • I do anticipate certain costs due to varied international shipping rates, but if additional higher costs incur, I will contact my international customers immediately.

    Thank you!

    LaVonne Nicole☀️🌙🌟

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