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LaVonne Nicole Pruddygurl Exclusives




My name is LaVonne Nicole of Pruddygurl Exclusives. I am a California native now living in New York. I have been a lover of the arts since childhood, but it was not until 2002 that I really started to become serious after being gifted an art set. I am still going strong today. The "download" of designs are never ending,  I absolutely love what I do. Many of my paintings are inspired from my love of Creation, the existences inside or outside our world, a reflection of my inner child, a celebration of cultures and/or ancient symbols, or it can be just simple observation... So simple that I do have a "Strawberry Milk" Sun, which is a favourite drink of mine.

I use only acrylic paints and my painting tools are mostly chopsticks, wine cork & toothpicks but I do use a brush from time to time...


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