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bohemian woodwerks

My Bohemian WoodWerks would be a perfect addition to your home. That perfect colour pop for that perfect space. I love to put my chopstick art on wooden items as well. Wood items of various sizes and types, all painted with love. If you prefer a custom woodwerk, contact me and let's see what we can do. 

& Ojo de Dios 

For many indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Ojo de Dios, or God's Eye is a spiritual object made since antiquity. The belief surrounding them vary with location and history. In general, the four points represent earth, fire, air and water. They have traditionally been created for celebration blessing and/or presented as a gift designed to bless a home. The spiritual eye has the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye. 

I make these Ojo de Dios for the purpose of a gift for the blessing of the home. 

Please contact me if interested in specific colours and/or sizes for your Ojo de Dio(s). They can be made with or without tassles on ends. 

Amethyst Ojo de Dios in the sunshine...
Violet and Aqua Ojo de Dios
Noire edged Ojo de Dios
Honeycomb Ojo de Dios
Rainbow Ojo de Dios 36"
Golden Centre Ojo de Dios
Orange Edge Ojo de Dios 36"
Black edge and Orange Centre Ojo de Dios
Orange Centre Ojo de Dios 25"
Amethyst Ojo de Dios
Double Ojo de Dios 35"
Black and Rainbow Ojo de Dios
Black /Rainbow Wooden Dish
Golden Flower Tray
Bronze and Black Wooden Tray
Green Wooden Box.
Green Wooden Box Felt Liner
Flower Box
Opened Flower Box
Black/Rainbow Ojo de Dios 36"
Red Flower Tray
Pink Keepsake Boxes
Wooden Polka Dot Key Holder
10x10 Red Wooden Mirror
Little Purple Wooden Tray
Flower Box
Flower Box
White Rainbow Wooden Tray
Wooden Heart Trinket Dish
Deux Ojo de Dios
Red Poppy Tray
Multi Coloured God's Eye w/ tassels
Wooden Orange  Lantern
Flameless Wooden Orange Lantern
Flameless Wooden Orange Lantern
Red Wooden Tray w/ Silver Sun
Wooden Purple Box
Wooden Silver Jewelry  Dish
Red Wooden Flower Tray
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