Shalom or peace came to mind with this little seahorse, hence the name Shiloh, which came to mind afterwards. It is written that the meaning means "peace" or "His Gift".  Many believe that gift is Yeshua and you can find the word Shiloh is mentioned in Genesis 49.10 in the Torah.   They are beautiful meanings and fit perfectly for this season of time. To me, Seahorses do give a peaceful energy, gracefully floating through the waters. Creation keeps me in awe. 


***I am bringing back older works that I have never sold due to minor damage. I have mended them for selling. They are just too cute to sit in my home to not being enjoyed by others. I painted them for others to now you can! 

This piece is discounted due to minor damage on bottom from scratches. Please keep in mind that shipping is not low cost, but it is included in discounted price. If you would like a current photo before purchase, just let me know because I will not refund after shipment. 



LaVonne Nicole

Shiloh the Seahorse (12" x 24")

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    Thank you!

    LaVonne Nicole