Green is the mood and I see that I have painted a flower with Peridot tones. This gemstone happens to be my birthstone and it definitely has a long history.  So amazing that it was created in the fire core of the earth, but the earliest mention is 1500 B.C. from being mined on Topazo Island in the Red Sea. Found in a few more places around the earth such as Brasil, Pakistan, Australia, but what amazed me more was that it has also been found in the volcanic cracks in O'ahu! So far away from another it seems. In ancient times,  Egyptians of power/royalty would also have miners get this stone from Topazo Island to adorn burial tombs.   


*Acrylics on canvas. Created with winecork and chopsticks.  

Flower Peridot (6" x 6")

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    Thank you!

    LaVonne Nicole