Acrylics on canvas

Most of my designs are acrylics on canvas and various wood items.  Many of my designs are created with chopsticks, toothpicks and wine cork. You many also check out my "Liquid Art" which is a freestyle application of acrylic paints with simple designs. 

I also invite you to check out my embellished glass items as well as painted stones, large and small.  


Do not hesitate to ask me to paint your own "exclusive" with your own chosen colours/design. I could also paint a similar "duplicate" of a design that has already been painted.

Please keep in mind all shipping costs for domestic shipments are already included in price of merchandise. For my international customers, due to various shipping costs, I will contact you regarding shipping prices. 

All my work is painted with love.... 

Paper Lantern Jellies WM
Platinum Lion WM
Cassiopeia WM
Blue Aegean Star WM
Desert Sun WM
Silver Jellies WM
7x4 glasswks vase NWM
8x2 blues vase
Kato the Octopus
Hematite Star
Splendor Butterfly
Keepsake Boxes
Orange Base Vase
Patchwork Moon
Red Poppy Tray - Side
Bloodstone Moon


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Desert Sun WM